Våra värderingar

Everyone knows that a company with demotivated and unhappy employees will eventually go down the drain. Short-term, you might be able to hold it together. But ultimately there will be significant spillover-effects on the customers who are not getting what they’re paying for. The customer will find other options and leave.

A strong and united corporate culture is a strong driver for inspired, ambitious and happy employees. Think about it, we all want to belong and contribute to something. Something good… maybe even something great. We all want to fill a role, serve a purpose. If we can fit into a cultural framework that we really buy into, we’re ready to go all in, over and over again.

From experience we know that it is really hard to build a top-class culture, where employees are desperately longing for Monday mornings. Yet there are some factors that we believe are more important than others.

Beneath, we’ve listed seven cultural values that we believe make a long-term significant difference in building our culture. Hopefully they can serve as some inspiration for you, in the everlasting process of building a true rockstar culture.