Hur hanterar Norges offentliga sektor digitaliseringen med alla sina utmaningar och möjligheter?
Den norska regeringen har instiftat en digital strategi för offentlig sektor under åren 2019-2025, med syfte att förenkla medborgarnas vardag. 

Läs vad Tor Alvik, Specialist Director Agency for Public Management and e-Government (Difi), har att berätta om arbetet inom Difi och hur dem ska klara resan mot ett helt digitaliserat Norge. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on stage at Digital Strategidagarna here in Sweden in November. 

Why did you decide to put your time and effort into digitalization?
Together with the other Nordic countries, Norway has one of the best welfare states in the world. In a changing society, I believe digitalization is one of the best tools to provide the same level of service in the future. Besides, I like working with new tech.

How are you working with digitalization in the public sector today?
The last years I have been working a lot with digital identity. Together with my colleges, we are creating an ecosystem of building blocks for delivering digital services. To provide the right service to individuals, we need a secure digital identity for everyone.

I am involved in the Nordic effort of building an infrastructure for cross border digital services in the region. I believe that a digital Nordic region gives us a strong position in Europe and the rest of the world.

The Norwegian government has taken on a digitalization strategy from 2019 – 2025, what is the main goal of this strategy?
We want the citizen to meet one public sector. The strategy is a joint effort between the government and Norwegian municipalities. The goal is to build an effective public sector, to strengthen businesses and create a simpler life for citizens. 

If you would summarize, what is DiFi and what do you do within that?
Difi is working with the digitalisation of the public sector. From new year we are merging with the Norwegian business platform Altinn. Then we are even changing our name to “Digitaliseringsdirektoratet” (Digitalisation Directorate). In Difi I am working with strategy and coordination.

If you work in the public sector and want to increase and use the digitalization more, what should you do? Do you have any concrete advice?
Leaders need to be onboard. Digitalization is change. It is though to change processes without commitment from the whole organisation. Find the value of and need for change. Remember that not all share the knowledge of how digitalization can help our organisation.

I would start looking at business processes. Can they be made simpler? Sometimes we need to change regulations to do that, but often it is worth it. Computers don’t work well with old ways of thinking.

Look at how data is handled in your organisation.

Reuse is smart. Use common building blocks if they are there. See if others have solved the problem before and try to reuse what they have done.

Thank you so much for your time and your thoughtful answers, Tor! Looking forward to seeing you on Digitala Strategidagarna in november!

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